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ODEP is determined to change the way of living of every Port-Margotian and the face of Port-Margot.  We diligently seek for ways to provide a home for the kids in the street, feed them, and give them the medical care that they deserve. We dream of Port-Margot as a reference of change and development. As a result, the team is constantly thinking and looking for ways to change the life of  our fellow citizens of Port-Margot socially, financially, and environmentally because changing lives is our priority. Remember: “Man is the product of his society.” For this purpose, the team reasons to build a development plan that spans within a 30-year period dividing into short, mid, and long term goals. The development Plan includes a detailed project for each area of interests. You may click on any project below to view the details.

Short-Term Projects

Coming Soon!

Mid-Term Projects

Coming Soon!

Long-Term Projects

Coming Soon!

Completed Projects

  • 2006, Construction of the bridge on Rue Pétion
  • 2008, Erection of the wall around the cemetery, Phase I
  • 2013, Makeover of Street name and identification of local zone
  • 2015, Traffic signs installed at Novion

Current Projects

Future Projects

  • Public library (Proposed idea: A project plan has been designed to carry out research on the customary systems operating in the region.)
  • Technical school (awaited idea)
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