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It has been some time now since we have been struck by this disastrous virus, Corona Virus 2019. It was a scary breakthrough that changes our world forever. We have seen many of our loved ones vanish like a shooting star from east to west. For many of them, there was not one last goodbye. However, if you are reading this right now that means you have made it and you are alive. So, it is more than ever important to acknowledge and cherish those who have made it through along with you: your spouse, your children, your parents, your brothers and sisters, your neighbors, and every single person you have come across. Throughout the pandemic, ODEP has been very active in the community of Port-Margot and it will continue to be a cornerstone in supporting the population. If you would like to see the positive impact of ODEP in the community of Port-Margot, please click the button below. ODEP is asking everyone to be responsible for their own lives in a way to continue to follow appropriate guidelines and precautionary measures that you can find at to protect themselves and their loved ones. Remember, we can accomplish great things together.


ODEP cares

If you are curious about what ODEP has accomplished in the community of Port-Margot during the pandemic, please click here.

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