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Community bridge built on Rue Pétion in the year 2006

Among all the other rivers and creeks that pose a security threat to the city of Port-Margot, the canal flowing from behind the church area (Dèlegliz) to the Port-Margot River was definitely a problem when overflowing.  When this canal is flooded, no one could cross over, and had caused a great deal of damage.  As an agent of development, ODEP stepped in and conducted a survey early in the second quarter of the year of 2006. Later on, it came up with a plan to build the bridge and at the end of 2006, the bridge was successfully built. 

Expenses and Duration
There is no available data to calculate the expenses

This project was completed in about 7 months.

Cemetery Wall Erection Project 2008

The cemetery of St Marguerite was the first and remains the only one in the City of Port-Margot.  The ancient wall of the cemetery, just like any other construction, cannot survive over a century with no maintenance. This lack of maintenance has ruined the walls completely. In the first quarter of the year 2008, ODEP put together a plan to rebuild the walls surrounding the cemetery. That plan was executed in the fall of the year 2008 with the help of many citizens of Port-Margot, who donated their hearts and souls to complete this project. Hence the reason why the total cost below is so low.

Expenses and Duration
Phase 1: 213,266.70 HGT  Phase 2: 112,345.55 HGT
Total: 325,621.25 HGT

This project was completed in about 5 months.



Makeover of Street Signs in Port-Margot Center City 2013

ODEP believes in durable development and modern infrastructures. It was inconceivable in the eyes of ODEP to be walking on a street and not being able to identify it. What if while walking on that street someone finds himself in an emergency situation, how can that person be located and get help as quickly as possible? That itself had raised a safety concern. In the year 2006, ODEP’s focus was to identify all the streets in the center city of Port-Margot and install street name signs.

Expenses and Duration
Total Project Costs:
$ 14,834.98

This project was completed in about 2 months.

Traffic Signs installed at Novion 2016

Can you imagine a country curvy road with no lights and no traffic signs? It can be very dangerous and chaotic, especially at night. That was the condition of the country road from Port-Margot to Chouchou Bay. To help alleviate the safety concerns, ODEP assessed the road from Bayeux to Chouchou Bay, recorded all the dangerous spots, and elaborated a plan to install necessary traffic signs. This project was successfully executed in the year 2016.

Expenses and Duration
Total Project Costs:
$ 780.00

This project was completed in about 3 weeks.

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